DonateBraylon always wanted to help others and looked for ways to make a difference. Braylonstrong is a non-profit foundation established to carry out his wishes and make a difference in the world of pediatric brain cancer.

Childhood cancer research gets less than 4% funding. Without independent research finding a cure for pediatric cancers will probably never happen. Children are given adult drugs, most treatment protocols are 30 to 40 years old. Contrary to popular belief, childhood cancer is not rare. Each day in the United States 46 kids will be diagnosed with cancer and 7 of them will die.

While Braylon left us with the inspiration and motivation to help others. The foundation still needs your help to raise money to reach our goals while keeping the legacy of Braylon alive. We are working on some live event fundraisers and to keep up to date on them. Make sure to visit our upcoming events page.

If you would like to support Braylon Strong today. Just click on the button below to make your tax deductible donation.