Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

time doesn't heal all wounds

11 months- This day never seems to get easier. It’s like a dark cloud looms overhead every month on the 20th. You know that feeling of sickness and panic you get when you can’t see your child in the grocery store for fear you lost them, that’s the feeling I have many days. Yes, it sometimes gets easier but out of the blue it hits you over and over again.
I can’t help but think about how all of the parents that have lost a precious child feel each and every day...


Today I choose to focus on the good days. The days that you laughed, told your corny jokes that only you found funny. The days that you filled all of our brains with so much knowledge that sometimes only you found incredibly interesting. The days spent cloud watching and star gazing. I can only imagine the sight you have in heaven. Your love for bacon, pizza and breadsticks. The rivers and streams you built on the playground with your water bottle, rocks and sticks. The love you had for babies, how you had to touch every one you met and make them smile. Snakes (ugh), lizards, bugs, all the things that crawl and creep a Momma out. Most of all the amount of love you showed to the world. I never met someone that loved so unconditionally. Thank you for showing me the good that is left in this world.

Today I ask you all, in honor of Braylon and all of the kids fighting cancer, share his story. Share his page, tell someone about Braylonstrong and the things we are doing to help others. Our foundation cannot grow without support. So spread the word and share this sweet boy with the world we continue to make a difference in.